A gift to remember

O my love dear !
I would gift you
A plain white parchment .
As plain as infant smile !
Not a speck of an ink-spoil !

You will look into my eyes . 
Inquiring . 
I would say thus ,

This paper was meant for a poem
On the essence of my love
quite a concentrated one . 
I plunged into thought 
What do I write ?

Your sugar smiles 
And sunshine eyes
And the short flat nose
Unveiled as art in my mind .

Words ... words 
and more of them
in search of a poem
flashed ; went ;
And went and flashed !

This paper played many a trick
Leaving me awe-struck !
Is it the love ?
Or is it you , my love ?
I could only wonder . 

The parchment seemed to possess
the absolute essence. 
Not a spot left for a dot. 
What more do I write ?
Its filled . 

You will listen
You will smile
Your dream sugarsmile
As sweet as infant smile . 

O come on dear
what else have you done 
so far ?:-)

p.s. this was originally penned in tamil and translated. 



தொடர்ந்து வாசிக்க..